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Placing a Child for Adoption in Texas

An unplanned pregnancy can be a scary thing. As the reality of your pregnancy sinks in, you will begin to consider your options, one of those being adoption. If you believe you are unable to properly care for your child and would like to give him or her a better life, adoption is a wonderful option.

Adoption is a gift of love. Choosing adoption does not mean that you are “giving up” your baby; it means you are providing your child with a life full of opportunity.

By choosing adoption for your baby, you will not only be giving the gift of life to a child, you would also be giving an amazing gift to a couple who may not be able to start a family on their own: a child to love.

How Can Adoption Answers Help?

While Adoption Answers cannot assist in placing a baby for adoption, we have many friends who can! If you are pregnant and need help placing a baby for adoption, we can help by connecting you to American Adoption of Texas, our partner agency that can help you understand how adoption works and provide you with guidance from one of their many birth parent specialists. They are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have.

How Adoption Works in Texas

Is Adoption Right for You?

The first step to place a baby for adoption in Texas is to determine if adoption is the right choice for you and your child. No woman facing an unplanned pregnancy will know right away whether this is the right choice for her or not. This decision requires time, education about adoption, and the support of friends and family. The biggest question here is: Are you willing and able to give your child the best life possible?

Find an Adoption Professional

If you are not ready to provide this life for you child you should contact an adoption professional who can help you fully understand the adoption process. He or she can answer any questions you may have about adoption and provide you with guidance and support during every step of your adoption journey. Some adoption agencies in Texas also have maternity homes that offer you a place to live while you are pregnant if you wish to keep your pregnancy private.

Create an Adoption Plan

You are in control of every aspect of the adoption, from choosing the adoptive family to how much contact you want after the adoption. Once you have found an adoption professional, he or she will help you decide what kind of life you want for your child. With their help, you will create an adoption plan detailing all of your desires for the adoption. This can include:

  • The race, age, religion, hobbies or lifestyle of your ideal adoptive family
  • How much contact you want with the adoptive family before the birth
  • Your desires for your hospital stay
  • How much time you want to spend with your baby at the hospital
  • How much contact you want with the adoptive family and your child after the adoption

Choosing an Adoptive Family

Once you’ve created your adoption plan, your adoption professional will provide you with adoptive family profiles. These profiles are glimpses into the lives of hopeful adoptive parents who are ready to adopt your child. These couples are carefully chosen and are matched with your specific desires to ensure your child gets the life you envisioned for him or her.

Open v. Closed Adoption

After you’ve chosen an adoptive family for your child you will determine how much contact you wish to share with them. Depending on what the adoptive parents are comfortable with, you can have a high or low level of communication with them before and after the birth of your child. This communication can include photos, letters, emails, phone calls and/or in-person visits. Continuing communication after the birth of the child is referred to as an open adoption, while ending all contact between you and the adoptive parents after the birth of the child is referred to as a closed adoption.

Giving a baby up for adoption in Texas does not have to be the end of your adoption journey. Your relationship with the child and his or her adoptive parents can continue for years to come and you can watch as your child grows up with a wonderful family. Adoption doesn’t have to be a final goodbye between you and your child.