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Helping to Build Family Dreams

Adoption Answers, Inc. is dedicated to helping Christian adoptive families and pregnant women who are choosing adoption for their child to navigate all the steps of the adoption process. Our adoption specialists provide education and support to birth and adoptive families before, during, and after the adoption.

For pregnant women and expectant parents in Texas, we provide the full range of services needed to place a child for adoption, including free medical care, legal representation and emotional support services. Adoption Answers can help you find a Christian adoptive family for your baby, and we will work with you to create a personal adoption plan that you’re comfortable with.

For Texas families, we provide home studies, home study updates, and post-placement services. We can provide these services for families who are pursuing an international, domestic, or step-parent adoption. Adoption services are provided for a reasonable fee with consideration given to the family’s scheduling needs. We are known for our quick service and for our knowledge of adoption issues. Adoptive parents have access to personal consultations to help them determine their adoption path and to help guide them throughout the adoption process.

Nationally, we are able to provide placement services for families who have found a potential birth mother in Texas. We are able to distribute living expenses to the birth mother and provide birth parent counseling services. We are happy to help those who want to pursue adoption!

Adopt a Child

If you are interested in adopting a child or would like information, please read about our international and domestic adoption services and contact us to start the application process.

Place a Child for Adoption

If you are considering adoption for your baby or would like information about how to place a child for adoption, please read about our birth parent services and call our 24-hour adoption hotline at 1-800-659-7541 or text us at 682-593-1494.

Did You Know?

About 60% of Americans have a personal connection to adoption. The Adoption Institute’s 1997 Public Opinion Benchmark survey found that 58% of Americans know someone who has been adopted, has adopted a child or has relinquished a child for adoption.